10 Awesome Reasons Cats Are Way Better Than Boyfriends Or Girlfriends

Let’s face it: the Valentine fever has already come and gone. Some of us may have missed out on it for various reasons, but hey, in case you were feeling bitter for not being about to celebrate the season of hearts, don’t fret. In fact, you can even get all the love and attention you need in a partner, but not with a boyfriend or girlfriend-but with a cat.

Cats are natural born lovers. They know how to charm their owners, and once they have succeeded in seducing them, there’s no turning back. So yes, if you are still feeling lonely because you were not able to celebrate Valentine’s Day, then it’s high time to catch up on the vibe by owning a pet cat.

How do cats do this trick, anyway? Here are 10 awesome reasons to look at:

1. Cats don’t play with your head.

Perhaps the one annoying thing that we hate about our romantic partners is when they start playing mind games with us. The passive-aggressive episodes, the yes-no-maybe answers and sudden fights out of random discussions can get into your nerves, but guess what: cats don’t do that.

Cats are pretty straightforward pets. When they want to play and cuddle with you, they’ll do so. When they’re not in the mood for some love, their faces and actions say exactly that. You don’t have to guess what they’re thinking since they’ll say it to you outright.

2. Cats are generous when it comes to giving attention.

Unlike the usual human romantic partners who would make a big fuss about giving and asking for attention, cats on the other hand don’t care about you reciprocating with their cuddles. They’ll just go ahead and purr on you when they want to, not necessarily because they know you would cuddle them back.

3. Cuddling with your kitty doesn’t mean you have to give them more and more.

Humans (as well as dogs), when given attention, tend to ask for more of it until the both of you get tired. Cats meanwhile are happy and content with whatever attention you give them, and once you stop they won’t make you feel guilty of not giving more. They’ll just sleep and let you be.

4. Cats snore in the cutest way you’d ever know.

Animals do snore, and cats are no exception to that. But unlike sleeping with a partner who snores and you end up awake the whole night because of it, with cats you’d only find yourself awake watching them snore in their slumber. This is because they not only make whimpers when they snore; they also make animated facial expressions while doing so, and that only makes them cuter than expected.

5. They don’t compete with you when it comes to using the bathroom.

Living with a partner means you have to schedule your bathroom activities, but this does not apply to cats. Yes, you have your freedom to use the bathroom all you want and they wouldn’t even care. It’s because cats have their own litter tray, and that’s where they do their own bathroom-related stuff, without having to get in the way of yours.


6. Cats tell you when they want something.

As mentioned earlier, cats don’t play mind games. If they want to play with you, they’ll nag you into doing so. They’ll do the same when they’re hungry or when they want you to do something else for them.

7. Cats are content with whatever way you stroke them.

There’s no wrong way of stroking a cat, so when they start to sit on your lap, you can stroke them at any way you know. They’ll just savour and enjoy the moment until you stop or until they fall asleep. And yes, when you are able to make them fall asleep through stroking, it means you’re doing the job right.

8. Cats help you get rid of stress.

Let’s be honest here. When you’re in a relationship, you are most of the time stressed due to the pressure and demand of making your partner happy. However, when it comes to cats, you can just sit on the couch with them on your lap and that’s already heaven. You just stroke your cat while watching TV and you can say that that’s the most relaxing moment you’ve ever experienced-and that’s something you’d rarely get from a partner!

9. Cats are never clingy.

Yes, cats are not clingy. They love you for who you are and what you can give, and there’s no asking for more. When you stop stroking them or playing with them, they’d understand and let you be. It’s because no matter how busy you are, they know you’d still find yourself cuddling them by the end of the day.

10. Cats bring you presents!

Well, this one is relative. Cats make it a point to bring their loved ones presents, but these may come in the form of the pests that they’ve killed to ensure that your abode is safe, or toys that you thought they have lost during playtime. But still, you get a present!

So, isn’t it time to get a cat now?

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