Telltale Signs Your Cat Knows You’re Depressed

Cats are the most favourite pets of counsellors and psychiatrists. Why? Because despite their badass, nonchalant and antipathetic outer character, cats are very empathic. In fact, they even show more empathy than dogs can ever do. They just don’t show it outright, especially to their human masters.

But if you take a look closely, your cat acts differently when you are not in your usual self. It’s because it detects when your emotions are fluctuating. And they also become more alert when you are in your downtime moments, only that you are too preoccupied with your feelings to notice their presence.

So how do you know when your cat is consoling with you? Here are the most visible telltale signs:

  1. Your cat suddenly feels the need to stay home.

Cats usually go out for their usual night time stroll, and no one can ever stop them from doing that routine. However, if your pet has sensed something wrong with you, either with the way you act or the way you react towards the most mundane of things, it will defer the routine and stay home instead. This is not only to keep you company, but also to know more about what’s eating their master’s thoughts and see what they can do about it.

  1. Your cat keeps walking around you restlessly.

This is more of a protective gesture. Your cat walks around the house restlessly, in particular in your surrounding environs. This is their way of making sure you are not going to do anything stupid during this trying time, and if you do so they’ll be the first to stop you.

You may notice your cat circling your area while you watch TV, walk in front of you while you are staring at the empty space in your house, or purr on your feet while you are trying to keep yourself down.

  1. They’ll serve as your alarm clock.

In some ways, cats know when it’s time to fix their master’s bioclock. When you are depressed or very sad, your cat will take the initiative to do this by purring on you until you realize that it’s actually telling you to go to bed, and it will also lick your face in the morning for you to wake up. They do this because they know you have the tendency to stay up and get cranky, and they want to see it to it that you won’t be doing that.

  1. They’ll ask you to play with them.

On a regular day, it’s the human who initiates games with their pet cats, much to the latter’s annoyance. However, on a depressing day, it is the feline who will be eager to play with the human, and not the other way around.

You’ll notice a rather excited way of kneading, and it means that they want you to play with them. They want you to throw a ball or a toy for them to toss back at you, or they’ll show you the tricks you taught them. They might even catch a mouse or a roach and give it to you as a gift, just to cheer you up.

  1. Plenty of cuddling.

And yes, when you’re sad, your cat will snuggle up to you. It won’t leave your arms until you finally calm down and fall asleep. Some of them may even sleep beside you all throughout. This is their way of saying that you’re not alone even if the situation is on the rocks, and that they’ll be by your side no matter what.

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