Really, What Do Cats Think About Us?

Almost everybody loves cats. These furry felines are very charming and adorable, but at the same time they have their own attitude that makes their owners feel like their subordinates. But hey, this only makes us love them even more.

We’ve even reached a point that we take their faces and mannerisms into memes to describe human emotions, regardless if they are aware of us doing this or not.

However, when it comes to interacting with humans, cats have their own way of showing their affection. Oftentimes however, they show their nonchalant side just to get what they want, unlike dogs who always crave for attention. Thus the age-old question, what do cats think about us?

According to cat expert John Bradshaw, cats do have their own insights about humans, and in particular their owners. Based on his research, he found out about the following:

1. Humans are just big cats.

Based on his studies, Bradshaw came to realize that cats look at humans to be fellow big cats. This is because they still cannot distinguish humans from the other members of the cat family. Contrary to other beliefs, cats think that we humans, as big cats, are a clumsy bunch (but not stupid). This is because while they don’t trip on fellow cats their size, we “big cats” often trip on them.

2. Cats don’t get along with their peers.

One thing humans do not easily notice is that cats don’t always get along with their fellow cats, especially if there are several of them in the household. This setup easily stresses them out, and it is oftentimes the main reason they are taken to a vet-to be treated for wounds sustained in a cat fight.

Psychological stress among cats also affects their health. This puts them at greater risk to conditions such as dermatitis and cystitis, as these are often linked to the increase of stress hormones in the blood.

A good solution to this is to keep two cats away from each other (in particular cats who don’t get along), and this has been proven to be effective.

3. Cats howl at us for a reason.

Xats test how their owners react by howling at them. Thus they make distinct howls to send in specific messages, as a way of vocalizing their thoughts. Once they have learned the responses of their owners to their howls, they already know which one to use if they want something done.

4. They know us.

While they see us as big cats, they also know that each of their owners has a distinct personality. They’re smarter than what we think about them, and they know what works with each member of the household. So yes, they know who among their owners would most likely wake up at random hours of the night to give them cat food.

5. Cats also knead us for a reason.

When cats knead or purr on us, it is because they are using their behaviour that they would us towards their mother. They do this to us to communicate, and to show that they are yearning for motherly love. And yes, they also solicit for affection coming from us.

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