Coming to Terms with Your Need to Own a Cat

Caring for a cat does not begin when you already have one at home. It actually begins at the time when you have decided that you are getting one for a pet.

Sure, this may be a silly thought for most of you reading this article, but as you can see, having a cat in the house is more than just fulfilling a whim, but more about taking responsibility. After all, cats, like humans, have a life of their own, and as a potential owner you have to see to it that you are capable of owning one.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to commit to something you won’t be able to live up with for the long term, right?

Hence, before you wake up one morning to a furball on your tummy, it’s downright important that you come to terms with your need to get a cat. You may start with this guideline:

  1. Ask yourself, how did such an idea come about?

Admit it, you came upon the idea of owning a kitty after seeing one at the pet store, or after your friend shared a cute photo of her pet feline on Instagram. You just got envious, for she’s smiling with pride with her kitty in her arms, while you’re alone with no one to hold. Or you feel a bit empty inside and even emptier after seeing that the cat at the pet store doesn’t have an owner yet.

Well, these are common reasons, and they can be valid especially when you have proven to yourself that you are capable cat owner. So, it’s best that you jot down all the scenarios that led you to itching to get a cat, so that you know where you are actually coming from.

  1. Why do you want a cat, anyway?

Some people are natural feline lovers. Others just want someone to cuddle at home. There are people who feel more comfortable with a pet rather than with a human housemate. What about you?

You may also list down all your reasons for owning a cat, then see if these reasons come from needs or from whims. If your whims outnumber your needs, then the only recourse is to let go of the cat owning thing-from this point forward you already know whether you are fit to own a cat or not.

  1. Weigh in your capability to own a cat.

Okay, let’s say your need-based reasons to own a cat have outweighed your whims. But how about your actual commitment to take care of one? You have to see if you are actually able to care for a cat, and these include feeding (and shopping for food), potty training, vet visits, exercise, and making sure that your pet is healthy at all times.

Could you keep up with such chores? Are your family members or housemates also open to sharing the responsibility and commitment for your pet? You better have your answers clear, as this will determine how prepared you are for your cat.

  1. Breed or no breed?

Owning a cat is one thing, but owning a cat with a breed is another. It is understandable that you want a cat that you can be proud of, and that means a cat that’s not only healthy but also with a breed. And there are a lot of breeds to choose from.

Well, this isn’t much of an issue, but getting a cat with a breed entails more money to shell out of your pocket. However, if you just want a cat for to keep you company or one to become a member of your family, any breed (or no breed at all) will do. It would also be easier to find one because there are animal shelters waiting for aspiring cat owners with whom they can entrust their kitties. You may want to adopt instead of buying one.

Have you come into terms with your wish of owning a cat yet? If you think you have, then perhaps it’s time to finally get one.

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