Cat Voices: Quick Cat Care Tips from Loulou

Hello furry friends! Guess who dropped by to say hi? It’s Loulou, the chatty kitty from France!

We’ve recently caught up with Loulou and her mamie Suzanne, and they shared some quick and easy tips on caring for feline pets-which are perfect for first time owners! oulou says:

“I feel strongly, and I feel this about children and adults, that one must speak kindly and attentively to others, and listen to their stories and their fears and their misgivings about being who they are.

Kitties just are. And they are so, so good at it.

They don’t take any guff from anyone or you are on their hit list. They respond to soft voices, snuggling, kindness, and it’s better if this starts young, just as it is with kids, because screaming and yelling and trying to make a kitty do what you want is totally useless and embarrassing behaviour. And a kitty can really make you embarrassed about any thing it wishes! Kitties keep you in line, keep you thinking and feeling in ways you might have experienced before.

I think that hissing, mean animals are often made that way by anthros and I’m sorry for them. And the owners. Bad word, owner. NO cat is owned. Ever. Try not to leave us alone, you who have adopted me or found me or watched me be born, try not to scream at me, teach me something and then give me a little treat. I’ll learn. Keep calm around me, take your arguments and troubles elsewhere, except when you want to just have me be there to listen. I know when you feel bad, when you are glad, I know these things and I’m not goin’ anywhere if kindness is around me.”

We kitties have all the answers, you just have to know how to ask for them.

If you want to know more from Loulou’s thoughts on just about everything, then better visit her blog at too!

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