Can Cats Improve Our Lives? Yes They Can!

Many of us take care of cats because we are looking for house companions-just the same way others do with dogs. After all, who wouldn’t want to bring in a cat for a pet, right? Cats are totally adorable, and they know how to make you feel loved and comforted almost all the time.

But owning a cat can also help improve your wellbeing. Studies show that cats, just like dogs, are able to help improve human lives in various aspects-physically, emotionally, and mentally. You may not easily notice it at first, but these feline friends lead you to a better taste for life.

Is this some kind of cat magic? Well, no. But here are some of the many ways cats help improve our overall wellbeing that you may want to keep in mind:

1. Cats help you stay relaxed and reduce your changes of stroke.

According to various studies, owning a cat can help decrease one’s chances of suffering from a stroke by up to 30%, and this may be due to their capability to provide humans with comfort through their approach and demeanour. Interestingly, the same owning a dog does not provide the same effect.

2. Boost your short-term memory.

Another perk of owning a cat is that your short-term memory gets better. In particular, the memory boost happens when you take at least 10 minutes per day laughing with your cat. The body’s cortisol levels increase significantly, thus improving brain function and short-term memory capacities.

Well, who doesn’t find cats hilarious?

3. Fewer occurrences of allergies.

Some people don’t like taking care of cats because of allergies they may incur from their fur, or when they are at risk to asthma attacks. However, when raising kids around cats, their resistance towards allergies also improve, and this may be attributed to their system becoming immune to possible allergies that they may get from their feline friends. Having a stronger immune system also allows them to resist other allergens as well, thus the fewer occurrences of allergic reactions during their lifetime.

4. Cats are therapeutic against depression.

There are people who are more attuned to taking care of cats and would rather choose to be with them over socializing with humans. While at first glance this can be weird, on the contrary this setup actually helps improve their mental and emotional health.

Come to think of it, cats are not only loyal companions, but they are also charming pets. Once they have become used to their owners, they make it a point to stick with them through thick and thin. They also show off a lot of adorable mannerisms, which in turn make their owners feel more comforted and at ease. This is highly essential for people going through depression and grief, as they find the comfort they need from their pets more than they do with fellow humans.

5. Get better sleep.

Cats are nocturnal, but that doesn’t mean their owners have to keep up with them. In fact, cats help lull their owners to sleep-to the point that they are able to improve their sleeping habits. While technically they do not sing lullabyes, cats purr and knead on their owners in specific ways that make humans feel sleepy, and they do this at certain times that trigger body clock adjustments.

6. Cats help children with autism.

Another way in which owning a cat is therapeutic is when they become friends with children under the autism spectrum. These children have the greater propensity to focus on detail, which is then utilized when interacting with cats. By petting a cat they become more understanding of emotions, as cats show them different forms of empathy that they relate to without feeling under pressure or coerced (which in turn make them agitated).

7. Cats are able to detect low blood sugar.

Who would have thought that cats are useful to persons with diabetes? Well, based on research, cats are able to detect when their owner has low blood sugar, and they do this by smelling their owner’s breath. Once they notice low blood sugar levels, their reactions change significantly as well.

So what else is stopping you from owning a cat? With these reasons above, there’s no more stopping you to get a feline friend!

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